Option 1: Join a weekly group class

To participate in a group class, you must have learnt all 10 steps of the British Nordic Walking Technique from a qualified instructor. Classes last 1 hour and are booked as a block of lessons. These are discounted to consider that most clients will miss at least one lesson per block. Regular larger groups work out at £7.50/walk, and smaller groups are £10/walk.


Option 2: Attend a Two-Day Fast Track Course

These are held intermittently throughout the year. This in an intense course of 2 x 2-hour lessons run on a Saturday and Sunday. Please check forthcoming walks or our Facebook page for the latest information. £45/course


Option 3: One to one

We offer private one to one classes. Clients usually master all 10 technique points within 3-5 hours of instruction for £30/hour.

Upon completion of the British Nordic Walking 10 technique points you should be up to a level to join one of the regular classes.


Regular Walks

Book a block of classes – poles are provided.

See Forthcoming Walks and click on your chosen walk to view prices.